Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy
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David Lee Bassett (1913-1966) :: Dr Bassett was awarded his MD by Stanford University School of Medicine in 1939 and was an expert of anatomy & dissection at the University of Washington.

Dr Bassett is best known for creating in collaboration with William Gruber - the inventor of the Viewmaster system of stereoscopic imagery - a series of stereoscopic anatomical images. Their work is a series of paired slides that use Gruber's View-Master three-dimensional viewing system to display a perception of depth and levels of detail that made Bassett's work pioneering. Additionally, three artists developed detailed line drawings based on the 1,547 photographic images: Ruth Ogren, Harriet O’Neill, and Lorene Segal.

The Bassett Collection of images and accompanying drawings were compiled into a 24-volume "Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy" that was completed in 1962 - the results of a seventeen-year collaborative project. Following his death, Dr Bassett's images and working materials materials were donated to Stanford University and used in revisions of the atlas or other works with permission of his widow Lucille F. Bassett.

The images in the Stanford Lane Medical Library Bassett Collection were derived from the Atlas project but unfortunately are presented in 2D details only.

Creative CommonsAll the Bassett images on OR Video Bassett Collection are licensed by Stanford University under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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The renderings of the stereoscopic images presented on OR Video Bassett Collection use an html5 stereoscopic image viewer to present multiple 3D viewing options (L/R SBS, R/L SBS, Anaglyph, Interleaved etc.) for viewing the original stereoscopic image sets. The html5 stereoscopic image viewer used on OR Video is a modification of the original srereo viewer designed by Muttyan (v0.2 02/08/2014) that was extended to include multiple linked images (images, diagrams & text descriptions) with html5 canvas features and a responsive design that works (hopefully) across multiple view ports, browsers and devices and provides a Table of Contents (ToC) to organize, identify images, and provide brief descriptions for each image that is a 'searchable' ToC.

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